• Reservations Management. Manage your reservations with ease. OGSN maintains and presents a comprehensive picture to you about the current status of reservations for your hotel. This takes the headache out of manually managing each and every reservation as and when it is received.
  • Room Inventory Management. Having a complete picture of the reservation status of rooms inventory is a non-negotiable for any hotel. This ensures that the hotel runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis, and there is no scope left for human error. The result is that there is room inventory is managed in a clear and transparent manner, which provides a clear picture to the management at all times.
  • Room Management. OGSN presents an exhaustive view to the hotel manager about the various parameters that affect the overall quality of service that is provided to the guests, and one of the most critical factor in this is room management. OGSN lets you know not just the reservation status schedule and history of each room, but also the various maintenance tasks that either due or have already been executed. This results in a significant increase in the quality of service for your guests.
  • Checkin & Checkout Management. Efficient checkin and checkout management is key to proper billing, and this aspect alone will mean that the guest is happy with the overall experience, or leaves with a bad taste in their mouth. OGSN has an efficiently designed system that ensures that not just proper times, but also proper dates get logged to arrive at the correct billing for a customer.
  • Invoicing. OGSN facilitates a single invoice system, so that the hotel guest is billed appropriately based on the number of facilities availed by them.
  • Comprehensive Reporting System. OGSN provides a comprehensive billing system that gives you a clear idea of various parameters necessary in the efficient running of a hotel. It does not just provide the management with the raw numbers, but also with the proper and relevant ratios that provide an overall picture of the hotel’s profitability to them. Thus, at the end of the month, the management has a clear view of not just the room inventory, but also the ratio of room occupancy vs room availability. These insights become invaluable to the hotel to plan for specific occasions like holidays as well as lean periods.
  • Online Booking. OGSN is designed to work and integrate with just about any hotel management platform. Not just that, but OGSN also provides the hotel with its own web-based online booking system out of the box. This means that the hotel is not just dependent on third-party platforms for bookings, but can also actively solicit bookings from the web.


  • End-to-End Order & Menu Management. With OGSN, you have a single consolidated solution for managing everything from your incoming orders to your menu items. The system takes care of managing the required taxes as applicable on each menu item so that you have your guests are presented with a consolidated report of the items consumed by them.
  • Table Bookings. OGSN includes table bookings within its scope of functionalities. For instance, when your guests request to reserve a table, OGSN automatically allots the most appropriate table to them based on their needs for the requested time slot.
  • Multiple Kitchen & Bar Management. What happens when your guests request orders that are available in different kitchens within your multi-cuisine facility? In this case too, OGSN makes the entire ordering process and items management a cinch. OGSN maintains the entire state of the table with cross-linking to every single item that has been ordered from multiple kitchens, so that the entire process becomes seamless for your guest. And what’s more is that it presents a single consolidated bill at the end of the evening so that your guests do not have to deal with the complications of multiple bills from different restaurants.
  • Easy Inter-Table Transfers. Orders can be routed quickly and efficiently with the added flexibility of getting re-routed to a different table from the one where the order originally originated. This adds to the flexibility of the overall OGSN system, and also results in greater convenience for your guests.
  • Remote KOT Printing. OGSN’s systems have been tailored for efficiency. This means that it reduces the number of kitchen trips for the order taker, since OGSN supports remote kitchen order tickets. This means that the order taking waiter need not visit the kitchen to place a table’s order, thereby reducing and even eliminating superfluous traffic and footfalls to and from the kitchen.
  • Split & Combined Settlement Modes. As OGSN supports the integration of multiple kitchens and bars, it also presents a a combined settlement mode, presenting a consolidated bill to the guest. That said, it also provides enough flexibility out of the box to not enforce this. If the guest so desires, OGSN will present a separate or split bill for every single facility utilized by the guest.
  • Dutch Billing Facility. The Dutch Billing feature is something guests will love. This feature allows bill to be split either evenly, or on a predecided manner as requested by the guests. This enables each guest within a single order to be able to accept a separate bill for the same order, which means greater convenience for them.
  • Tax & Service Charge Flexibility.
  • Item Consumption Reports. OGSN maintains detailed logs of not just every single order executed during business hours, but also the quantum of raw items that have been utilized by the kitchen. This enables the restaurant manager to have a clear picture of the amount of raw material that was consumed during the course of the business hours, vis-a-vis the number of orders serviced. This results in a sense of accountability in the backend kitchen staff.

Internet Service Providers

  • Flexible Plan Assignment. With OGSN, ISPs can provide multiple plans to their subscribers with the option of both upgrading and downgrading plans based on their specific usage.
  • Recurring Billing. OGSN provides features and facilities to allow, not just an ISP but just about any kind of service provider, to bill their subscribers on a recurring basis, either monthly, weekly, semi-annually, or annually, or even for a custom-defined period. Just define the billing period, and the invoices are generated automatically.
  • Notifications. Generating invoices are one matter; reminding the customer to pay upcoming bills is another altogether. To this end, an efficient notification system in the form of mobile SMSs and/or emails is what makes the OGSN system so efficient. OGSN can be configured for both SMS and email notifications, or even just one, or any other combination of notifications. Not just that, the OGSN notification system also notifies the service provider in case the customer fails to respond, enabling them to take a further course of action.
  • Accurate Reporting. OGSN provides color-coded reports to the service provider about various subscription and billing factors like number of plans offered vs the volume of plans availed; pending invoices; number of notifications sent; and so on and so forth.
  • Bulk Invoices.
  • Complete Automation. OGSN needs to be configured just once for the service provider specific factors like billing period, plans, and so on. After this, the OGSN system takes over and ensures that it does not just generate invoices, but also sends out periodic reminders via its notification system to the service provider’s customers. This enables a high level of automation for the service provider, which results in not just zero errors, but also lesser amount of human interaction in the entire billing process. This results in a significant saving of manhours for the service provider.
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