About Najeeb

Najeeb has a background in software engineering and architecture. He has also written whitepapers, API documentation, et al during his career. You can have a look at his open source project on GitHub.

Najeeb brings two different and often orthogonal skillsets  Рwriting code and documenting it Рto the table.

Najeeb’s clients value his services because, as a software engineer, he knows exactly what a developer looks for in a technology platform that is looking to develop an ecosystem around their offering.

Writing Career

Najeeb has written about various technology products and topics, which include a hospital management system, a team communication and collaboration platform, Linux device drivers, and also about an RF telecommunication product that employs HF radio frequencies from 2 to 30 MHz.

At Najeeb.pro, we write both documentation and whitepapers on sophisticated software- and technology-driven products and services.


We do not write generic content.

We believe there are many other writers out there who will do a much better job of writing generic content, like blog posts aimed at a general audience (typically B2C products). At Najeeb.pro, we write solely for a technical audience since our expertise is geared towards any kind of writing that involves deep and thorough research.

The primary audience we write for are informed professionals like software architects, CTOs, as well as CEOs.

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