I operate by a strict code of ethics, especially in the two most important aspects related to writing documentation for third parties, and these are:

a. CONTENT CREATION: As a writer, I *never* plagiarize content from sources like websites, documents, and other such copyrighted content available publicly. I *do* quote extensively from valid references which are often copyrighted works; however, at all times I ensure that I add references each time they are used. I never pick up large tracts of content from other sources, and if I do cite other content, I ensure that the requisite permissions are in place, and even then ensure that the sources are mentioned unambiguously and prominently.

b. CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY: I ensure that my clients are *always* assured of full confidentiality of the classified information that they have entrusted to me. I *never* share one client’s documents or information with another, even and especially if they belong to the same vertical. While my clients place their trust me, I also know that they may not feel the same way about any external writer who may have been hired during the course of that project. Therefore, I ensure that if I have to hire external help for a particularly large project, there are back-to-back Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in place so that the client’s valuable IP is never compromised. Ensuring 100% transparency with the client at all times is key.

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