I help companies with sophisticated, technology-driven products and services reach out to their targeted audience of decision-makers by developing high-quality white papers and specialized documentation to facilitate rapid adoption and market acceptance of their offerings.

I write primarily for B2B products and platforms. My area of expertise is developing white papers that require intensive research. The intended audience who I write for are high-level decision-makers like CXOs.

I would ask you to connect with me so that I can share with you:

  • What a white paper is, exactly

  • What a white paper is not

  • How a white paper will generate high-quality sales leads for you.

  • Why a white paper is the best way to buy the most vital currency in the B2B marketplace: your prospect's undivided attention

  • How a white paper will work relentlessly for you, even while you and your team are on vacation.

  • How a white paper will confer authority on you and consolidate your leadership position.

  • Why a white paper will cement your relationship with your clients, so that your competitors are not able to steal your valuable business, no matter how hard they try.

  • How a white paper will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Najeeb Shaikh
Najeeb Shaikh


  1. CURRENCY: A white paper is the currency that will buy you the most valued assets in B2B sales: your prospect's attention and credibility for your company.

  2. INEXHAUSTIBLE PR: A white paper works untiringly as PR for your business even during offline hours.

  3. INCREDIBLE ROI: A white paper keeps paying you over and over, infinitely.

  4. UNFAIR ADVANTAGE: A white paper gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors by according you buy-in from and direct access to top decision-makers.

  5. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: A white paper will strengthen your leadership position in your customer's perception.

  6. INEXHAUSTIBLE LEADS: A white paper works hard to generate greater and more qualified sales leads for you.

  7. THE SECRET SAUCE: White papers are the secret sauce used by large corporations to consolidate their position as industry- and thought-leaders.

All of which combine powerfully to generate massive revenues for your business. Even when you and your team are on vacation.


I have been a programmer practically my entire adult life, and I have been writing for a living for almost a decade now. Ergo, I bring two entirely different and perhaps even orthogonal skillsets to the table, since my industry experience gives me a unique perspective on the specific needs of software developers, as well as what really works for them and makes them amenable to readily accept any emerging technology. In that sense, I don’t just provide a service; I consult and advise. This means, to a large extent I try to get involved with my skin in the game.


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