I have received several accolades during the course of my writing career. Below I present a couple of them.

One of the best testimonials (among others) that I have received yet was from an IEEE engineer for whom I had written a technical white paper for a product (“Aquarius”) based on radio wave propagation via ground wave wireless technology.

“Dear Mr. Shaikh, Thank you for sharing the Aquarius report with me. This is the best write-up I have seen for the Aquarius system. It is concise, accurate and informative. Thank you for taking the time to do this.”
— Bob Haagensen, IEEE

“[Najeeb Shaikh] has been an excellent partner with us for documenting aspects of our product’s software architecture. He has great writing experience and his background in software development helped tremendously during the briefing sessions. His documents were well-written and precise, with great examples and analogies, and, most importantly, written with the right tone considering the audience. A strong recommendation!”
— Devesh Rajadhyax, Director R&D, 21ci.com

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