Seven Benefits of A White Paper

Before going through this page, you may want to have a look at the page where I discuss what exactly a white paper is; and isn’t.

As a business that commissions a white paper author to develop one for them, you can expect to avail of the following benefits from a white paper.

  1. CURRENCY: A white paper is the currency that will buy you the most valued assets in B2B sales: your prospect’s attention and credibility for your company.
  2. INEXHAUSTIBLE PR: A white paper works untiringly as PR for your business even during your offline hours.
  3. INCREDIBLE ROI: A white paper keeps paying you over and over again, infinitely.
  4. DISPROPORTIONATE ADVANTAGE: A white paper gives you an advantage over your competitors, far in excess of its cost, by according you buy-in from, and direct access to, top decision-makers.
  5. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: A white paper will reinforce your position of leadership in your customer’s perception.
  6. INEXHAUSTIBLE LEADS: A white paper works hard to generate greater and more qualified and solid sales leads for you.
  7. THE SECRET SAUCE: White papers are the secret sauce used by large corporations to consolidate their position as industry- and thought-leaders.

You can even give away your white paper as a handout during expos and exhibitions, making them your active sales “agents” that your prospects carry away with them!

All of these benefits add up exponentially to generate huge revenues for your business. I can share with you how to make a white paper work hard for your business, even when you and your team are on vacation.

Do get in touch with me. There are several other benefits for your company which we can discuss over coffee.

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